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From the Irish meadows!

In Dublin Dairy products you will discover the true taste of Ireland, and each bite will make you see picturesque views with the most beautiful landscapes of the Island.

Dublin Dairy is synonymous with simple and quick cooking and celebrating meals with your loved ones.

The brand is renowned for its commitment to high quality, which you will find every time in the original taste of products bearing the Irish shamrock.

Why the shamrock?

Do you know why it is the three-leaf clover that symbolises our products?

  • Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and refers to the legend of St. Patrick, used it to explain the essence of the Holy Trinity
  • Milk from cows fed with fresh grass and shamrock is exceptionally tasty and full of valuable ingredients

Our motto

What we care most about is taste.

Dublin Dairy products are always delicious and of high quality in your home!

We want our Cheddar cheeses and butter to be the most willingly chosen brand due to its unique taste and high quality.

Dublin Dairy will take you straight to the endless green pastures to the homeland of our Irish products. Together with us you will be able to observe picturesque landscapes, inhale fresh, clean air and pet the happy cow that gives us such delicious milk.

We want to make you smile

The most ambitious goal of our brand is to make you smile. This task is not easy, as it depends on your circumstances. However, we have found a way. We have discovered that it is not the place or time that determines happiness.

In carrying out this mission, we decided to produce butter and cheese that would fit into the definition of an ideal meal.

We have achieved our goal!


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