The new salted butter from Dublin Dairy!

Dublin Dairy introduces its novelty Irish Salted Butter, which melts in the mouth and spreads easily as soon as you take it out of the fridge. Its secret? Exceptional Irish milk and a high beta-carotene content that gives it a beautiful golden color, while the addition of salt creates a distinctive flavor that wins the hearts of lovers of unique taste sensations.

Dublin Dairy Irish Salted Butter is a unique product that combines the tradition of Irish pastures, a wealth of natural nutrients and the beloved taste of salt.

This butter comes from the milk of cows that are grazed almost year-round on the green Irish grasslands. This milk is then carefully processed to create a soft, creamy butter that melts in the mouth and spreads easily. The milk’s high beta-carotene content gives our butter a beautiful, natural color and an extra dose of beneficial ingredients. In addition, the butter has been salted, which gives it a distinctive flavor and makes it an ideal addition to many dishes. Not only does it go well with traditional breakfasts, but it will also work well as an ingredient in many dishes of everyday cooking.

The NEW salted butter from Dublin Dairy